Public Safety

We take pride in partnering with our community and keeping our citizens safe. Learn what it takes to join our growing Police and Fire departments.

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Aurora Police Department


The Aurora Police Department is committed to maintaining and improving peace, order and safety, through excellence in law enforcement and community service. We seek diverse men and women who possess duty, honor, integrity, who are problem solvers, community-oriented, morally sound and who are ready for a challenging and rewarding career in law enforcement.

Police Recruit

We are looking for community-oriented men and women from a variety of experiences and backgrounds. Starting salary for entry-level police officers is  $53,713 with officers reaching top pay at  $86,287. We have many opportunities at the Aurora Police Department from being a School Resource Officer (SRO) to being a part of our  Emergency Response Team (ERT).

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Police Laterals

In order to apply as a Lateral Police Officer you must have three years previous related experience at a full time paid police department. Lateral Officers have a starting salary ranging from  $53,713-$78,018 depending on years of experience and level of education. The opportunities for a variety of departmental assignments and advancements abound in our present and certainly in the future of our growing city.

Learn more about our the lateral requirements, process and lateral opportunities here.

Civilian Positions

A civilian career in law enforcement is a great alternative to serving as a sworn police officer. The Aurora Police Department offers civilian positions within communications, records, crime analyst, property, crime lab and administrative assistants. All of these positions are a core component in making the police department a better place. Civilian members of the department have the opportunity to give back to the community and still work in the law enforcement field.

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Aurora Fire Department


The Aurora Fire Department has 15 fire stations serving an area over 154 square miles. Join the over 300 men and women of the Aurora Fire Rescue and become part of an organization that provides you with the opportunity to truly make a difference within the community. We’re looking for professional and dedicated men and women that care about serving their community, have a great attitude, and can communicate clearly. We are constantly looking for the best Paramedics and Engineers/Driver Operators -- view our open positions below to find the right fit for you at Aurora Fire.

Due to the size and ongoing growth of Aurora, there are endless opportunities to work in different areas and expand your skill set and grow your career. Our progressive Fire Department offers 4-person staffing, a supportive maternity leave policy, peer support, and ongoing fire training and emergency medical training.

Entry-Level Candidates

Entry-level candidates can expect to go through the application process, pass a video-based test, provide a personal history statement, pass a job suitability test, polygraph test, psychological testing, background screening and a physical exam. All candidates must have a current CPAT card.

Lateral-Entry Candidates

Lateral-entry candidates will go through the application process, submit a personal history statement, pass a polygraph test, job suitability test, background screening, physical fitness assessment and exam, and interview with our Fire Chief and lateral committee. All candidates must have a current CPAT card.

All Candidates

All successful candidates must complete a 14-week intensive fire academy, followed by a 9-month probationary period. Successful candidates who attend paramedic school will have school paid for by the department and will earn continuing education hours.